COVID Guidelines for 2020-2021 Dance Season


The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. We have implemented appropriate guidelines to ensure we do not contribute to the spread of COVID-19. These are tricky waters to navigate and it is and has been a learning curve for all those involved. We appreciate your patience, trust and understanding during these unprecedented times.

First and foremost, if a dancer is sick or feeling ill they must stay home. If a teacher is sick or feeling ill they will not be in class.

Drop-offs and Pick-ups

All dancers must arrive no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled class time.

All dancers must apply hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

All dancers must come dressed in their dance uniform with their hair done and only bring shoes and a jacket/other clothing to wear out of the building.

Dressing rooms will be in-use but are to store dancers’ belongings only. They will not be a hangout area. Dancers must keep all of their extra belongings in a bag and hang it on one hook in the dressing rooms.

Dancers can stay at the studio during a break between classes if it is 1 hour or shorter. The waiting room will be transformed into an eating area so dancers can social distance while having a snack break. Dancers must wear a mask during breaks (please supply your own mask). If dancers cannot social distance during breaks between classes they will be politely asked to no longer stay at the studio for their breaks. Parents are more than welcome to pick up their dancers for breaks.

While the weather is nice, dancers must wait outside to be picked up. During the winter months dancers can wait for their ride in the building at a safe social distance. Parents please be prompt in picking up your dancer.

This is to alleviate traffic in the studio.

Who Can Come Into the Studio?

2 & 3 year olds – ONE PARENT can be in the studio during their child’s dance class. Parent must wear a mask while in the studio.

4 & 5 year olds – ONE PARENT can come in the studio to drop-off and pick-up only. Parent must wear a mask while in the studio. Please wait outside or in your vehicle while your dancer is in class.

6 years & up – NO PARENTS can come into the studio at any time.

Please understand that this is to minimize the number of people in a shared space. We
have a studio phone available for dancers and parents to call.

Teachers and assistant teachers will help dancers with shoe changes and studio changes.


Each of our studios will be marked for dancers to be 6 feet apart during classes. Dancers will learn technique in their own 6×6 foot box.

We have the capacity for a maximum of 28 dancers in the upstairs of Studio One, 16 dancers in the downstairs of Studio One, 30 dancers in the upstairs of Studio 2 and 20 dancers in the downstairs of Studio 2.

The ballet barres will not be in-use.

Teachers will be using verbal cues and instruction and demonstrating steps from a distance as much as possible. They will not get with 6 feet of dancers unless they are wearing a mask.

Competitive dancers will be starting choreography early on in the season. Noncompetitive dancers will not be starting choreography until January. When doing choreography, it is unavoidable to stay 6 feet apart. This is why it will be mandatory for dancers and teachers to wear masks when doing choreography. Studio One will provide Bauer athletic face masks to each competitive dancer. If the situation remains the same come January 2021, Studio One will provide masks for all non-competitive dancers ages 7 & up.

The research we have done about wearing masks during physical activity concludes that “exercising while wearing a mask results in no significant changes in heart rate of blood pressure.” (in regards to endurance exercises and endurance training). This is taken from the 2018 Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.


Dancers will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the building and prior to entering the studio after a break.

Dancers in Acro and Contemporary will be required to sanitize their feet upon entering the studio for class.

Studio One has hired a professional cleaning service for each studio.

Bathrooms will be available to dancers only and for bathroom use only. The downstairs bathroom will be for staff use only. Please do not use the bathrooms as a changing room. Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized after each use. Dancers must ask their teacher to use the bathroom and let Miss Erica know when they are finished in the bathroom.

Acro mats will be sanitized after each class.

Studio One has a water bottle refill station where dancers can leave their LABELLED water bottles to be refilled by Miss Erica. The filled water bottle will be returned to the refill station for dancers to get.

Studio Communcation

A plexiglass barrier will be installed at the front desk of Studio One.

We encourage phone and email communication during this time. If you would like to speak to our Studio Manager, Miss Erica, in-person, please email the studio to book an appointment.

Toys and props for Tiny Twos, Tiny Tots and Pre-Primary

Dancers in Tiny Twos, Tiny Tots and Pre-Primary Ballet classes will no longer be sharing toys and activities that are used in class to minimize the spread of germs.

Studio One has put together individual dance activity bags for each dancer ages 2-4 myears old.

Parents will be required to purchase this bag as everything will be needed for class. The costs are $25.00 for dancers ages 2 & 3, and $20.00 for dancers age 4.

Parents will be required to take home and bring their dancer’s activity bag to each class and clean/sanitize everything each week.

Parents please send an email transfer to to pay for your dancer’s activity bag and they will receive it on their first day of class.

Preparedness Plan

In the even that things drastically changed, we have a plan in place to accommodate

Plan A – All classes and studio operations will run as set out above.

Plan B – If we can no longer physical distance in dance classes, we will offer in-studio or virtual Zoom classes.

Plan D – If a Studio One student or teacher tests positive for COVID or an outbreak occurs at a local school, we will notify all families and follow government protocols to determine the next steps. This could result in sudden temporary closure and classes running online via Zoom.

We are all aware that things are constantly changing in regards to COVID-19. With this being said, our schedule is subject to sudden changes and adjustments. We will give as much notice as possible about schedule and class changes.

Please note that prices of classes will not be modified regardless of which plan we operate under or if your dancer is sick and unable to attend class.

We understand the anxieties and nervousness about going back into larger public settings. We appreciate your trust and confidence in us that we are doing our best to maintain the health and safety of everyone that is a part of Studio One.

If you have issues or do not agree with our COVID guidelines please contact us directly to discuss the matter.

We totally understand if you feel that you or your dancer are not ready to get back into in-person dance classes quite yet. If this is the case, please email us.