Dance is using body and soul to envision music.


  • Registration for our 2023-2023 dance season is open. Please email for information about our summer pop-up free trial classes. We can't wait to dance with you!

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 Through dance education, Studio One works with dancers to instill skills of independence and confidence that can be applied to all areas of their life. We offer a variety of classes to dancers from age 18 months to 18 years who wish to dance competitively or for fun.

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Based in Saskatoon, Studio One teaches a variety of dance disciplines for all abilities and age groups. We offer classes in many different styles including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and more. Our approach is supportive and positive so your child’s love of dance can flourish. To help you decide if our studio is right for you, we offer a FREE trial class. Click here to get started with a free lesson or click on one of our programs
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From beginners to aspiring professionals, we’ve helped students express themselves through dance for 25 years.

Communications between faculty and family are always a priority. Studio One’s program is well organized and educational in more ways than one. Studio One provides dancers with a supportive environment. Dancers are not only taught how to dance and express themselves but they are taught many important lessons. Tammy Tropeau and the entire teaching staff ensure that dancers are constantly learning how to be responsible, respectful and hard working. These lessons always stay with me and I think of them every time I have something important going on in my personal life. As Studio One dancers, we represent that whole studio. Dancers learn about teamwork and positivity. We work together all year long and quickly learn that personal victories are successes for everyone. The support between dancers creates amazing friendships and lifelong memories. Studio One was always a happy place for me whenever I needed a good laugh, a heart to hear, or just to dance it out.
Gabrielle Muzychka

“Studio One, simply put, is amazing! A culture of dance and much more… respect, teamwork, work ethic, family, fun, inclusive! Miss Tammy and all the dance instructors lead by example, they truly care about all the dancers!”

Craig Stelzer
Proud Dance Dad

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